Individual Counseling

individual counselingThe primary goal of individual counseling for substance abuse is to provide patients with a safe place where they can discuss the components of their addiction, mental illness, past or present concerns and emotions with a counselor who is skilled and licensed. The intent is to develop a treatment protocol that will provide comprehensive care to the patient while offering support and psychiatric evaluation. Individual counseling is one of the most important components of addiction treatment and is typically conducted by therapists who are certified in substance abuse and hold Master’s level certificates or doctorates in counseling.

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What Happens During Individual Counseling?

During a counseling session for substance abuse, the patient will sit with the counselor and discuss personal matters, their addiction, the triggers that cause them to use, depression, traumatic experiences and a whole range of other topics. These sessions are completely private and the patient is protected under the doctor/patient privilege which means that any information that they disclose during counseling is kept confidential and cannot be used against them.

Individual Counseling Should be Comforting

One important thing to remember when you enter individual counseling for substance abuse is that this should be a comforting time. There will be difficult times during the counseling, especially when break through moments occur but these moments are guided and comforted by the counselor. Your counselor is there to help you and to provide support that encourages you to discuss personal and private issues that are of great importance (or which may be of importance) to your treatment and recovery.

Benefits of Individual Counseling

The advantages that come from individual counseling include:

  • privacy
  • comfort
  • support
  • participation

Often times, group counseling sessions include others who hide or cover up their true emotions, you may feel scared to open up or you may be uncomfortable with the surroundings in these sessions. Individual counseling has the benefit of keeping you in a comfortable environment that is private so you can feel safe talking about deep issues in life and you will likely have great realizations as to the reasons why you use drugs. Furthermore, individual counseling sessions, as they progress, are likely to open you eyes and compel you to participate more in group sessions further down the road.

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