Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse counselorAre you addicted to drugs or alcohol or do you know someone who has a problem with substance abuse? For many, substance abuse causes such great havoc in life that there is a need for more than social support in order to quit. Substance abuse counseling provides those who can’t stop using drugs or alcohol on their own with a guided method of care that helps them to realize their addiction, the triggers and the steps that they can take to prevent substance abuse from controlling their lives.

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Why Substance Abuse Counseling?

Many people use drugs or alcohol because they suffer from some underlying mental health condition or because they were the victim of trauma or abuse in the past. Without counseling, trauma or abuse will continue to be a problem in the addict’s life and mental illness that goes untreated will continue to provide great potential for relapse. A substance abuse counselor will help the recovering addict get to the bottom of their addiction by leading or moderating their discussion in a manner that provides the addict with light bulb moments which result in recovery achievements.

How it Works

There are various methods of substance abuse counseling including individual counseling and group counseling sessions. The role of each of these counseling sessions is slightly different and takes on a slightly different form from one another. For instance:

  • Individual counseling for substance abuse provides the patient with a safe environment to discuss their individual situation and their addiction. These sessions offer the opportunity for patients to talk openly with the counselor behind closed doors and under the patient / doctor confidentiality privilege.
  • Group counseling for substance abuse provides the patient with social support and a means of interacting with their peers to develop better relationships, learn how to accept others and learn how to talk more openly about their addiction. During group counseling sessions, group members are not permitted to point fingers or be abusive but are encouraged to interact and to take part in the discussion.

Getting Help

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, substance abuse counseling is the primary choice for quality treatment and long-term recovery. Getting help is the first step that you can take to get well. A substance abuse counselor will help you to realize your addiction, learn how to recognize situations that trigger you to use and learn the skills needed to say “no” to drugs or alcohol and stay sober. Your recovery is in the hands of substance abuse counseling.

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