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Counseling is the general term used to describe a broad category of treatment that includes talk therapy, behavioral therapy, and other methods of care that focus on helping patients to understand their problems and devise plans for overcoming specific situations and getting well. Many different types of counseling exist but the most common types of counseling that are found in drug treatment and rehabilitation programs include family counseling, individual substance abuse counseling and group counseling for substance abuse.

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For the more than 20 million Americans who suffer from substance abuse and addiction, counseling is the primary foundation for recovery. An estimated 9% of the entire population will seek counseling for substance abuse related problems at least once in their lifetime. For the individual who suffers from addiction, each type of counseling will play a key role in their recovery process. Here’s how each type of counseling can help:

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling – these programs provide patients with a safe environment where they can talk about personal matters with a counselor. Individual counseling sessions are not reserved for personal matters only though, the patient may also work with the counselor to learn more about his or her addiction, understand triggers that cause drug use and learn ways of coping with the situations that are most likely to cause them to relapse once they are sober.

Group Substance Abuse Counseling – these programs provide small, group settings that are moderated by a counselor and offer patients a place to learn and grow with their peers. Group counseling is often the primary method of counseling that most patients will receive throughout their addiction treatment and these sessions are usually paired with individual counseling sessions for added effectiveness.

Family Counseling for Substance Abuse – the families and loved ones of those who suffer from addiction often have the biggest wounds as a result of the addiction. Many rehab programs offer family counseling to help rebuild the family support and networking system post addiction. Family counseling may include sessions that work as a group to heal the entire family bond as well as individual sessions that take into consideration the needs of each individual family member.

Each of these types of counseling can be beneficial in treating addiction and helping the patient to heal emotionally. Psychological counseling is the foundation for most recovery programs regardless of the type of addiction that is being treated. In fact, even behavioral problems and addictions that are not related to substance abuse are treated through a series or combination of individual, group & family counseling sessions.

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