Christian Substance Abuse Counseling

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For the recovering addict who is centered in Christianity and his or her own faith in God, Christian substance abuse counseling can provide a great alternative to non-faith based treatment and rehabilitation programs. During Christian substance abuse counseling, the patient will usually embark on a path of spiritual guidance and healing in addition to their learning to heal from their addiction. The means by which this takes place will differ from one program to the next but overall, Christian substance abuse counseling incorporates faith in Christianity, faith in God and the values that are learned in the church into every aspect of recovery.

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Not all recovering addicts will be comfortable in Christian counseling and this method of therapy may simply not be for everyone. For those who are atheist, do not believe in God or are not familiar (and do not care to be familiarized) with the bible, Christian counseling may have very few benefits. However, for those who do believe, who do understand and value the morals & the teachings of the Bible, Christian counseling can take recovery one step further offering solace from drug addiction while healing the spiritual elements that have been hurt by the addicts use of drugs.

How Christian Substance Abuse Counseling Works

Each counseling program and session is different but typically, Christian substance abuse counseling incorporates bible study, sermons and the teachings of God into the treatment program to provide patients with not only a solid foundation in spiritual happiness but also a foundation to stay sober. The teachings that are used focus on God’s will for each person and the fact that treating the body poorly, using drugs or alcohol, would not be God’s will for anyone. There is also a focus on allowing the power of faith to help stay sober and clean and to heal.

Who Can Christian Substance Abuse Counseling Help?

Christian substance abuse counseling can provide great benefits to an individual who has fallen victim to addiction and who believes in God. These programs allow the patient to heal spiritually while receiving counseling and therapy that can assist them in preventing future relapse, learning how to change poor behaviors and in overcoming the addiction to drugs that has caused so many problems in their life.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs and needs to find help, consider the benefits that can come with a spiritual approach to getting sober. By placing yourself in God’s hands, accepting that he has the power to heal you and taking the faithful steps toward getting sober you too can achieve the recovery success that so many other people have been able to find in their approach to sobriety through Christianity.

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